Accreditation, Recognition, and Partnership

Transparent and credible governance of certification bodies through the accreditation process is fundamentally important to the value of independent assessment and certification.

Accreditation means that we have been assessed against internationally recognized standards and operate to the highest levels of quality and service. Accreditation is central to stakeholder confidence, ensuring assessor competence and maintaining the impartiality of the decision-making process. This accreditation reduces the risk to you and your customers and gives you complete confidence that we have been independently evaluated for our competence and performance capability.


Accreditation approves credentials of a certification body to deliver its services across the globe. It enables the certification body to use the mark of accreditation and to offer its services with confidence nationally and worldwide. As our tagline: “We inspire in trust”, we brought you the most trusted services and reputable management systems certifications by recognition from national and international bodies including

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
    • 02 – Mining and Quarrying
    • 19 – Electrical and Optical Equipment
    • 28 – Construction
    • 29 – Wholesale and Retail Trade
    • 31 – Transport, Storage, and Communication
    • 32 – Financial intermediation
    • 33 – Information technology
    • 34 – Engineering services
    • 35 – Other services
    • 36 – Public administration
    • 37 – Education

We are also establishing a strong and beneficial partnership with international parties to be able to deliver you the highest quality and well-recognized services internationally:

  • Avanta Global CQI-IRCA
  • PECB
  • PCI