ISO 22000

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Implementing Cloud Security proves that your company implements a standard that will select controls relevant to the situation of their organization. ISO/IEC 27017:2015 is an information security code of practice for cloud services which provides additional security control for cloud service providers and customers.

Benefits Of
ISO/IEC 27017 Certification
To Your Organization:

  • Supports your business development

  • ┬áReduces operational risks

  • Provides a framework for cloud service customers

  • Extends and increase certification of information security within organization

  • Provides information security management frameworks

  • Defines clear roles and responsibilities

Benefits Of
ISO/IEC 27017 Certification
To Your Customers:

  • Disposal/return of assets after the contract is expired/terminated

  • Protection and classification of customer virtual documents

  • Provides assurance for customers and stakeholders that their data and information are protected

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