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The process of responding to and addressing complaints, disputes and is a part of our company’s client relations and assurance of customer satisfaction, with regards to its services or its certified/audited clients (as it relates to the implementation of the clients’ management systems), where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

How to Submit Complaints

  • Any complaint, dispute and appeals can be through filling out the following form or by sending an e-mail to, and via CBQA Global corporate telephone, which then reported by operator to customer support.
  • For issue received will be responded within 2 business days and will be validated maximum within 30 business days.

Process Flow to Complaint and Appeals, are:

  1. Received complaint
  2. Perform investigation
  3. Result of investigation
  4. Result accepted (*unless result not accepted , refer to document CBQA-PRO-008

Complaints Procedure

  • Be submitted in written form whether via email or complaint form in the website of CBQA Global.
  • Contain basic information about the complainant (name, address, contact information) and the organization and position in the organisation.
  • Contain a clear and brief description of the complaint.
  • Be accompanied to the extent possible by evidence supporting the complaint


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