Consistent audits help your organization comply with industry regulatory and market requirements and maintain its quality and services.

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Information Communication Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving the growth of internet users worldwide. Various industries are transforming rapidly by relying on Information Technology. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is currently the backbone of industrial progress.

Organizations need to ensure consistency, performance, security, governance of the ICT.

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Conduct a consistent audit to help your organization comply with regulatory requirements, industry, and market requirements. Open new opportunities and demonstrate commitment to your stakeholder.
Our audit services help your organization to mitigate risk and increase transaction trust.

Energy, Oil & Gas

CBQA Global can help your organizations improve energy consumption and energy efficiency but not reduce your productivity.

Doing consistent audits on energy governance can help your organization reduce costs, maintain productivity, and reduce environmental impact.

Logistic, Transportation & Warehouse

Trust in product safety and on time in full delivery is essential as a transport and logistics operator.

CBQA Global can help you find innovative solutions to build your customer’s trust and grow your business.


We do understand the complexity of construction matters.
CBQA Global helps you face unique challenges to ensure projects are completed on schedule by not compromising safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness.