Withdrawn Certificates

Find out whose CBQA GLOBAL certificates have been withdrawn

Withdrawn certificates

Below you can find a list of all withdrawn CBQA GLOBAL certificates.

Certificate No.Certificate Holder
ISMS1001097PT Artha Simo Indonesia (Cankul)
ISMS1001075 PT Satrio Jaya Persada (Tree+)
ISMS1001013 PT Bisnis Digital Optima (Byznis)
ISMS1001041PT Cakra Buana Infomedia
ISMS1001032 PT Solusi Finansial Inklusif Indonesia (Telefin)
ISMS1001012 PT Sinergi Mitra Finansial (Kredibel)
ISMS1001108 PT Mikro Kapital Indonesia
ISMS1001039 PT Asia Ocean Fintek
ISMS1001117 PT Indointernet (Indonet)

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