CBQA Global – ISO/IEC 27032 is intended to emphasize the role of different securities in the Cyberspace, regarding information security, network and internet security, and critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP).

Benefits of ISO 27032 certification to your organization:

  • Protect the organization’s data and privacy from cyber threats
  • Strengthen organization in the establishment and maintenance of a Cybersecurity program
  • Improve the security system of organization and its business continuity
  • Detect and monitor attacks
  • Respond and recover faster in the event of an incident

Benefits of ISO/IEC 27032 certification to your customers:

  • Less IT related incidents and vulnerabilities
  • Increased credibility and trust
  • Build confidence to stakeholders for your security measures

ISO/IEC 27032 certification (also known as “registration”) is a third-party audit performed by a certification body such as CBQA Global, upon verification that an organization is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 27032, will issue an ISO 27032 certificate