ISO 14064-1

Verification is applied when the emissions, removals and/or storage are historical, and the verifier can obtain sufficient evidence about the emissions, removals and/or storage, and if a controls approach is used or a limited level of assurance is applied, the verifier has access to the controls for testing.

Verification – Organisation

  • Power Generation and Electric Power Transactions
  • General Manufacturing  (physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new product)
  • Mining and Mineral Production
  • Chemical Production
  • Carbon Capture Storage
  • Transport
  • Waste Handling & Disposal
  • General

Frequently Asked Questions

Quantitative: A category of finding which is called as misstatement: Material >5% and Not material <5%’

Qualitative: category of finding which is called as non-conformity: Material as root causes, Not materia

  • Error in emission factor (EF) calculation, global warming potential (GWP).
  • Careless in incomplete data inventory, uncounted emission sources.
  • Miss-report: Improper of GHG Category
  • Miss-presentatio
  • Unmeasurable of intangible issues which affect GHG statement/opinion.
  • Control system: calibration of equipment and tools
  • Unreliable information system
  • Disobedience to regulation
  • Difficulty to access information