ISO/IEC 27032

CBQA Global – ISO/IEC 27032 aims to emphasize the role of numerous securities in Cyberspace, regarding information security, network and internet security, and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP).

Benefits Of
ISO/IEC 27032 Certification
To Your Organization:

  • Protects organizations’ data and privacy against virtual threats

  •  Strengthens organizations in the establishment and maintenance of Cybersecurity programs

  •  Improves organizations’ security system and business continuity

  •  Detects and monitor cyber attacks

  • Prompt response and restitution after incidents

Benefits Of
ISO/IEC 27032 Certification
To Your Customers:

  • Reduces incidents and vulnerabilities regarding Information Technology

  • Improves credibility and trust

  • Builds the trust of stakeholders to your security actions and decisions