Asset Management

ISO 55001

ISO 55001 standard provides guidelines for businesses to control and manage asset life cycle. Depending on the type of the asset, the asset’s life cycle goes through numerous steps such as acquisition, construction, operation, and maintenance. Because of that, ISO 55001 can be implemented in any type of businesses and any kind of assets. Organizations that have adopted ISO 55001 realize a significant number of advantages after its implementation

Benefits Of
ISO 55001 Certification
To Your Organization:

  • Improvement of asset management performance and its life cycle management

  • Reduces risks and costs in relation to asset ownership

  • Identifies and initiates more efficient and timely processes

  • Provides and maintains business growth

  • Lowers the possibility of operational discharge or downtime

  • Increase productivity or utilization of assets

  • Maximize the lifetime of owned assets

  • Improve product and/or service quality

  • Planned long-term investments opportunities