Use of Certification Mark

Upon issuance of a Certificate, the Certification Body may also authorize the Client to use a designated certification mark. A Client’s right to use any such mark is contingent on maintaining a valid Certificate in respect of the certified management system or products and compliance with the Regulations governing the use of the mark issued by the Certification Body. A Client who has been authorized to use the mark of an accrediting body must also comply with the rules governing the mark of such body. Improper use of such a mark is non-conformity with certification requirements and could result in suspension of certification

General Rules:

IAF MLA Mark can only be used with the Accreditation Body logo as a combined mark and only for the scope of the MLA

Although the combined mark may be used on accreditation certificates, letterheads, quotations for work, advertisements, or websites, it is recommended to use it on certificates only. The combined markshall not be used on or in conjunction with products.

Where requested by an individual certified organization and within the limits of the specified scope the IAF MLA mark may be combined with an accreditation body mark on the certificate itself.Further use of the IAF MLA mark by a certified organization (other than displayed on the certificate itself) is prohibited.In all cases, where a specific Accreditation mark is used in conjunction with the IAF MLA mark, the rules pertaining to the use of the Accreditation Mark also apply.Prior to the issue a certificate templates bearing the combined mark:a)A duly executed agreement shall be established between the CBQA Global and the Accreditation Body signatory of the IAF MLA (see Annex A below)b)The Technical Manager shall provide the necessary details for the amendment of the present document to cover the use of the IAF MLA mark with the specific Accreditation Body mark.c)Marketing shall obtain approval of the certificate template from the Technical Manager of CBQA Global, the GM Business Assurance or the GM Risk & ComplianceNote: In the case of expansion of the scope of the MLA, only items b) and c) above apply

Reference document:

IAF ML 2:2016 General Principles on Use of the IAF MLA mark (Issue 3)

Reproduction of the IAF MLA Mark:

The IAF MLA Mark shall be reproduced using an authorized copy from IAF and shall be reprinted according tothe following specifications:a)in black and white or in the colours Pantone 2747 (dark blue) and Pantone 299 (light blue);b)on a clearly contrasting background;c)in a size which makes all the words of the IAF MLA Mark clearly distinguishable, with the width of the IAF MLA Mark no less than 20 millimetres for printed media and 75 pixels for digital media;d)approximately the same size as the Accreditation Body mark.


CBQA GLOBAL Certification Policy

  1. Certified clients may utilize the certification mark in communication media such as the internet, brochures, letter paper, envelopes and business cards are provided with the appropriate certification mark relevant to their certification status and standard. The certification marks are available in four formats: Jpeg, png and etc.
  2. Clients certified by CBQA Global are free to use CBQA Global certification marks for communication purposes.
  3. These certification marks are associated only with CBQA Global certification services, and not with other services of the CBQA Global such as training, etc.
  4. Where the word “certification mark” is used in this document, it also covers the certificate reports and other associated documentation which must not be used in a misleading manner or bring CBQA Global certification into disrepute. Any promotion of the management system must be clear as it is not acceptable to imply that it is the product that is certified.
  5. The certification mark can be used with or without reference to the certificate number. The value of adding the certificate number is that this adds credibility and traceability to the certification mark.
  6. CBQA Global certification marks may not be applied to products or primary packaging materials intended for consumer communication or use. However, for those organizations wishing to demonstrate that products have been manufactured under their certified ISO 27001 or ISO 9001 management system, the marks may be used on secondary or transit packaging (i.e. not normally viewed by the consumer) with an appropriate product statement(s) as Note (1)
  7. CBQA Global is required to ensure that certified clients use the certification mark in accordance with relevant national and international criteria. These criteria ensure that the mark is not used in a way that may cause confusion or be misleading to the organizations and individuals that purchase goods and services from certified companies.
  8. If the scope of certification does not include all products and/or services provided by the organization, and/or all locations/facilities of the organization, the material bearing the mark shall not suggest that all products/services/sites/locations of the organization are covered by the scope of certification