IT Governance Trainings

ISO/IEC 38500

ISO/IEC 38500 provides principles, definitions, and a model to help the governing bodies understand the importance of Information Technology (IT). ISO/IEC 38500 intended to help all types of organizations in evaluating, directing, and monitoring the use of information technology (IT).

Foundation Level

Awareness ISO/IEC 38500

A one-day training course enables you to comprehend the basic concepts of IT Governance. During this training you will be able to understand the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques of IT Governance, also understand the basic elements of IT Governance.

Understanding ISO/IEC 38500

A two-day training enables you to learn the best practices for the use of IT within your organization. During this training you will be able to understand the key principles and practices of IT Governance.

Professional Level

Implementation ISO/IEC 38500

A three-day training of ISO/IEC 38500 IT Governance Manager training enables you to gain a thorough understanding of the core principles for good governance of IT based on ISO/IEC 38500. This training will acquire the necessary knowledge to support an organization to apply and manage the ISO/IEC 38500 Evaluate-Direct-Monitor model. Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding of ISO/IEC 38500 and comprehensive knowledge of IT Governance.

Master Level

Certified Lead Implementer ISO/IEC 38500

During this training you will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge of the best practices and core principles of IT Governance and be able to effectively apply them in an organization in order to ensure good governance of IT. This training will be held for five days.